Fire Adapted Communities


Communities learning to adapt and thrive

The 2014 National Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy (Cohesive Strategy) set an ambitious goal for the nation, of three interconnected pillars or ideals:

  1. Safe and effective wildfire response,
  2. Resilient landscapes, and
  3. Fire adapted communities.

Since 2013 the Guild has been an active leader in the national Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network. Using a learning network approach, we learn, teach, and implement a diverse array of practices. Fire adapted communities strive across years and decades to be resilient throughout the wildfire cycle: preparedness, response, and recovery.  

The Guild’s programs have been working towards fire adapted communities in New Mexico for many years, and have recently expanded efforts in coordination with our partners in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Lake States, and Colorado. We will continue to meet communities where they are, work with our partners in different regions and landscapes, and learn and adapt as we pursue resilient communities, forests, and landscapes.  

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