Why we support stewards

Our members connect people to the land and advance the stewardship ethic daily.

The Guild is home to mindsets grounded in humility, field observation combined with science, and continual learning from the natural forest ecosystem.

Our first duty is to the forests and their future. This perspective is not always accepted or understood, though we are making great strides toward longer-term planning.

This work, done in this way, can be even more difficult to do alone. We support those who are making these differences, sometimes against resistance and almost always with limited resources.

How we support stewards

  • Member-driven initiatives and Guild Gatherings bring this community together to share science, practical experience, and new ideas, building vibrant forest wisdom.
  • We connect varied forestry disciplines and empower land managers to use tools from them all by hosting prescribed fire training and supporting the Fire Adapted Communities network.
  • Our Find A Forester Directory helps make the important work of our members more visible.
  • We make and share policy recommendations that articulate critical considerations in responsible forest management.
  • Our research and management publications are available for ongoing learning and support.

Stay Informed

about our recent projects and upcoming events.