Pacific West Region

Person walking in woods at Pack Forest, WA, 2022

Connecting forest communities

The Pacific West region is made up of a wide array of diverse ecoregions that range from the temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest Coast to the high desert of the Columbia Plateau and Great Basin, to dry, mountain, and coastal regions of California. The forests of this region have had a profound impact on the culture, industry, and economic development of the Pacific West. Starting across Oregon, Washington, and Northern California, the Guild is enhancing this legacy by supporting and connecting forest communities in sustainable forestry, through collaborations and partnerships that rely on the latest ecological science and outreach strategies.  

Through non-profit, academic, private, and agency partnerships the Guild has focused on projects that create connections within our forest-based communities and keep forests as forests. Rooted by ecological forestry principles, the Guild will continue to work with partners and develop new relations to explore innovative forestry practices and cultural values that support healthy forests in a rapidly changing landscape. With the experience and support of Guild members and staff across the country, the Guild seeks to support fire adapted communities, non-traditional forest products, wildlife habitat enhancement, and continued professional development for natural resource professionals and the next generation of forest stewards in the Pacific West.  

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