Pacific Northwest Region

Raising a voice for ecological forestry

Forests, forestland owners, and managers faces challenges in the Pacific Northwest that are familiar in other regions:

  1. Increasing pressure from a globalized forest products industry,
  2. Fewer mills and other economic outlets,
  3. Ever increasing management costs,
  4. Vulnerability of a forest workforce dominated by undocumented and migrant workers,
  5. Lack of public trust in forest management, particularly on public land, and
  6. Increased threat of wildfire.

These challenges make it difficult to practice ecological forestry. At the same time, the Guild’s approach to putting the forest first may be the only viable path forward. 

In the Pacific Northwest, the Guild has a great set of partners and collaborators making a positive change. Trout Mountain Forestry, Ecotrust, Sustainable Northwest, Northwest Natural Resource Group, Hyla Woods, and others are practicing and promoting ecological forestry. Many of these partners are working with us on a project to bring the Foresters for the Birds program to the region.  

Getting Guild members together in the woods and discussing the nuances of our craft spurs new ideas and creative solutions. Past field events include a wonderful day at the Cranberry Lake Foundation in Washington 

You can help! 

Do you want to host a Guild Gathering to show off your work and get feedback from professionals who share your values? Please get in touch with your ideas. Email today!

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