Community Wildfire Protection Plans


Community wildfire protection plans (CWPP)

The Guild’s mission is to practice and promote ecological, economically, and socially responsible forestry. In the fire adapted ecosystems of the West, this often means working closely with communities to identify values at risk and desired future conditions. Community Wildfire Protection Plans can combine the Guild’s interest in community engagement and ecologically sound forest management. As such, writing CWPPs, particularly in New Mexico, and more recently in Colorado, has become a significant mission driven function in this era of catastrophic fire. 

We strongly believe that when done properly, CWPPs can catalyze a community, and bond residents to fire adapted outcomes, and motivate fuels treatment on a meaningful scale. We seek to build a process that strengthens communities, provides actionable recommendations, and empowers first responders. CWPPs are also an opportunity to advance good forest management. We work to include the best science and experience into a vision for vibrant forests as part of a community's wildfire planning. 

How can we help?  

If your community is working on a community wildfire protect plan or other collaborative planning effort, the Guild may be able to contribute. Contact Eytan ( 

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