Why we steward

We are an organization rooted in practice. We are actively engaged in project implementation to stay connected to our members and our mission. 

Sometimes there is no one else to do the work the forests need. Other times we offer a new path forward or fresh perspective. Often we serve as the partner who brings practitioners together on a project.

Its all about inspiring and supporting people to put the forests first, along with all who depend on them.

How we steward

  • We get our boots dirty in the forests with the Forest Stewards Youth Corps and Gravatas Peak Wildland Fire Module.
  • We write landscape management plans toward a brighter future for forest properties.
  • We connect partners so powerful collaborative results can occur, such as through the FAC Network and Wildfire preparedness programs.
  • Our members manage Guild Model Forests, which are demonstrations of responsible stewardship in working forests.

Stay Informed

about our recent projects and upcoming events.