It takes local involvement to prepare a community for wildfire

Mora County Community Wildfire Protection Plan

County Commissioners Meeting

We will be presenting the final draft of the plan to the Mora County Commission on August 8th and seeking a resolution to approve the CWPP.

For details on the time and location of the meeting visit:

Or contact: Sam Berry at

About the Mora County CWPP: 

Living with wildfire is a part of living in Mora County. How we prepare for it makes all the difference.

By building on the strengths and knowledge of residents and professionals in the area we hope to make a useful plan to guide preparedness in the coming years while also bringing together stakeholders with a common goal.

The goals of the plan are:

  • Identify assets available in the community to prepare for and deal with wildfire,
  • Work collaboratively with the community and stakeholders, and
  • Prioritize actions to advance Mora County's wildfire resilience.

We will also:

  • Describe progress made to prepare the area for wildfire,
  • Identify "Communities at risk" and determine their risk of wildfire, and
  • Identify the Wildland Urban Interface area in the county.


For more information on the Mora County CWPP 2019 Update

please contact Sam Berry at

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