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The year 2020 marks 25 years of Guild activity, influence, and results for ecological forestry. During this quarter century, the Forest Stewards Guild has created a space for foresters and other stewards to build community, as they find new ways to manage and learn from the forest, while creating lasting results for all who depend on those forests.

We have much to celebrate! You're invited to share your stories, reflections, photos and more for consideration here, as we collectively recall our roots, reasons, and results.

We have plenty of work yet to do, and we are better positioned than ever to make a difference...together.


Gratitude and Hope

by Bren Whittaker, Sept 2020

A 25th Anniversary Founder's Essay

by Robert Hrubes, May 2020

Inception Point

by Robert Perschel, March 2020

Remembering our Roots , Growing it Forward

by Barrie Brusila, February 2020

Early Guild History

by Henry Carey, November 2019

A 25th Anniversary Essay

by Al Sample, October 2019

Reaching Back

by Ross Morgan, September 2019


Share a story/quote?

Let's celebrate together!

Contact membership@forestguild.org



Let's celebrate together!

August in Asheville - Celebrating the roots of Guild forestry.

Contact membership@forestguild.org


"I regard the conference as a 'watershed' event in my career. Beyond the intellectual exchange, it was an affirmation of deeply held beliefs about working with the forest."

Charles Moreno

Founding member reflecting on the first Guild meeting

"I want to see an organization created out of this. I want to be part of an organization that reflects my values.."

Robert Hrubes

From first "Guild" meeting 24 years ago

"The worst thing we can do is to overwhelm or attempt to focus the environment."

Fred White

Founding member

"The Guild is a national association of professional foresters with a strong land ethic and an emphasis on ecologically responsible forestry."

Dave Publicover