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Several Guild members are featured in case studies already, helping each other share information, replicate successes, and highlight great work in the woods!

Stay tuned as we add three NextGen summer interns and two project managers to the Northeast team in 2024!


Collaborative approach

Most forests in the Northeast are privately-owned. From family woodlands to industrial-scale management, the sizes, scope, and goals vary widely. In this fragmented landscape, human and ecological diversity here calls for collaboration in forest stewardship. 

The Guild fills this need by promoting ecologically, socially, and economically responsible forestry through field workshops, community-driven projects, and scientific research grounded in the field experience of our members. The Guild: 

  • Connects woodland owners to tools and resources for making informed decisions about their land. 
  • Brings science and field knowledge together around important questions in forest climate adaptation and fire-adapted communities 
  • Supports the professional community of forest stewards by creating learning space for members and partners to share forest wisdom. 

The challenges facing our forests and forest stewards have never been more complexTo help Guild members and partners put the forest first in the Northeast, we need the support of people who care about our forests. 

You can help!

  • Join the Guild as a professional, retired professional, or affiliate member.
  • Start a student chapter to help shape the next cohort of forest stewards who care for our forests.
  • Donate today to help us meet the needs of natural resource managers working in your favorite forests.

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