Fire plays an essential role in shaping our forests. We follow nature’s model and use fire where it is needed to make communities more fire-adapted, restore ecosystems, encourage the next generation of forest stewards, and reduce the threat of unnaturally severe wildfire.

The Forest Stewards Guild is dedicated to supporting fire as a natural process in fire-adapted ecosystems through our Fire Management Program. We work on individual projects and at a landscape scale, to improve ecosystem health and increase wildfire resilience.


Our goals are to help make fire adapted forests vibrant and resilient. Implementing prescribed fire is a big part of this work and so is fostering fire-adapted communities. When communities take responsibility for the risk of living in fire-prone ecosystems, managers are better able to tend to the health of forests.

We are also committed to building a better way to do fire management. One that recognizes the inherent value of our employees, supports work / life balance, and provides an environment of growth. We recruit and support fire practitioners from traditionally under-served and underrepresented communities.


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please contact Eytan at 505-983-8992 ext707, or by email:

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