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The goal of the Forest Stewards Guild's public policy work is to improve the effectiveness of forestry regulations and laws in encouraging and ensuring excellence in forest stewardship. We educate policy makers, advocacy groups, and the public on practical aspects of forestry. Many policies that affect forests are not based on adequate information and do not promote ecologically, economically, and socially responsible forestry. Instead, forest issues are frequently addressed in responses to crises such as catastrophic wildfire, endangered species concerns, or global market fluctuations, with wide swings in political motivations and approaches.  

The Guild seeks to improve forest policy at both the national and local levels through science-based advocacy and by providing policymakers with our expert opinion. We often work with like-minded organizations and groups such as the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition.  

Forest Stewards Guild policy statements are voted on for approval by the Guild’s professional membership. Guild position statements are developed under the umbrella of a policy statement and are adopted by the Membership and Policy Council. 

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