Organizational Sponsorship

“We are organizational sponsors because the Guild shares our commitment to forest stewardship and an ethical relationship to the land and communities that sustain us. This has been a key part of our mission for nearly half a century.”

David Marvin

Butternut Mountain Farm

“The Forestland Group is committed to managing the whole forest, including the conservation attributes, so support for the Guild is an obvious choice.”

Dr. Alex Finkral

Chief Forester

"Baskahegan Company supports the Guild because we share a dedicated commitment to long-term stewardship, to develop the natural potential of the forest to produce quality and value for present and future generations."

You are in good, company

Whether our organizational sponsors share a similar mission to ours, do complementary work, or simply believe in the benefits of the results we help produce, they understand that supporting the Guild is a valuable investment.

When you are an Organizational Sponsor of the Guild you let your clients, customers, and supporters know that what we do is important to you, and that is very important to us!


Donations of $1,000 or more from a company, agency, or organization can be recognized as an Organizational Sponsorship. If you wish your logo will be:

1. posted on our org sponsors page online, with a link to your site,

2. in our monthly e-newsletter called Across The Landscape, and

3. in our printed Annual Review.

We will send you an acknolwedgement and the materials listed above. Organizational sponsorships last one year and are easy to renew!

We depend on our organizational sponsors and their partnership in putting the forest first to do our critical work toward supporting healthy, resiliant forests and the communities that depend on them. Thank you!


Sponsorship contacts

For more information about being an organizational sponsor, 
please contact:

Zander: 505-603-2550, or

Eytan: 505-983-8992 ext16,

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