Board of Directors

Bill Bradley

New York, NY

Kaärsten Turner Dalby

Conifer, CO

Tony D’Amato

Williston, VT

Ann Duff

Jacksonville Beach, FL

Amber Ellering

St. Paul, MN

John Fenderson

Nashville, TN

John Galvan

Pueblo of Jemez, NM

Peter Hayes

Portland, OR

Brenda McComb

Philomath, OR

Richard Morrill

Past Chair
Greensboro, VT

V. Alaric Sample


Washington, DC

Mary Snieckus

Silver Spring, MD

Bill Bradley

Senior partner, Eversheds-Sutherland (US) LLP law firm New York City

Kaärsten Turner Dalby – Treasurer

Vice President of Ecological Services, The Forestland Group, LLC Conifer, Colorado

Anthony (Tony) D'Amato

Director of Forestry Program and Research Forests of University of Vermont

Ann Duff

Fiber Sustainability Manager for WestRock company, Florida

Amber Ellering - Secretary

Forest Policy and Planning Supervisor Minnesota Dept of Natural Resources St. Paul, MN

John Fenderson

Nashville, Tennessee

John Galvan

Tribal Forester, Pueblo of Jemez, New Mexico

Peter Hayes

President of Hyla Woods, Portland, Oregon

Sandra Denyce Jones

Independent Rural Community Development Consultant, MN

Brenda McComb

Retired Professor, Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society at Oregon State University

Richard Morrill

Northern Forest Conservation Services, LLC Greensboro, Vermont

Alaric (Al) Sample – Chair

President Emeritus and Senior Fellow, Pinchot Institute for Conservation Washington, D.C.

Mary Snieckus

Natural Resource Policy Associates, Silver Spring, MD


"It is exciting to be part of the Guild and to work with a team of diverse backgrounds at the local and national level while providing guidance in all social, economic, and ecological aspects considering the past, present, and future stewards of mother earth." 

John Galvan


"The Guild mission and principles have served as a personal and professional compass for me since I attended my first meeting over 15 years ago.  No other organization captures the nuanced realities of forest management and seeks the middle ground between the competing perspectives of industry and traditional preservation.  The Guild represents the future of forest conservation." 

Rick Morrill


"The Guild's purpose and members remind me why I was drawn to a career in nature resources - they make me happy. I want to help us have a bigger influence so more people find their way to work with us and share that inspiration to respectfully  improve forest conditions so they continue to support healthy ecosystems and people."

Mary Snieckus


“I serve the Forest Stewards Guild because it is a hub of creativity, and a fascinating community centered on a worthwhile mission.”

Amber Ellering


“I am impressed with the Board members’ commitment to ecologically sound forest management practices. I strive to contribute to the Board’s consideration of business and legal issues that arise in a non-profit context.”

Bill Bradley


"The Guild's mission of promoting sustainability in forest management is made all the more important as our forests face increasing stress due to climate change."

Seth T Cohan

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