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We help new forest stewards see their role in forest management.

We research with vigor, and humility, learning from the lab and the woods.


Supporting forest stewards

We support professionals to excel in their work to help forests adapt to ever-changing circumstances.


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Engaging new forest stewards

We educate and train a broad community, helping people see their role in forest conservation and management.


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Stewardship in action

In the midst of climate change, land use conversions, and resource demands, we research and implement ways to help healthy, working forests thrive.


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Policy Analysis and Recommendations

Research and


I was wearing my Guild hat at the Intertribal Timber Conference. Some other Guild members saw it and we had an impromptu mini Guild get together. It was so nice! I love what the guild represents to people who know.

Lindsey Holm

Professional Member, BBW and Associates

I regard the conference as a “watershed” event in my career. Beyond the intellectual exchange, it was an affirmation of deeply held beliefs about working with the forest.

Charles Moreno

Founding member, on the Guild's first meeting

EDF's conviction that prosperity and environmental stewardship must go hand in hand matches the Guild's commitment to responsible forestry.

Eric Holst

Environmental Defense Fund

We are an organizational sponsor of the Guild because we see ecological forestry as the best way to ensure a long-term supply of high quality wood.

Jamey French

President and CEO of Northland Forest Products, Inc

Great event. The field day was excellent. I was very impressed with how smoothly everything went.

attendee of a 2019

Guild Gathering

The Guild works hard to improve the forestry culture, public awareness, and perception of a better-quality ethic on how we manage forests.

Annie Socci

Foundation for Sustainable Forests

We welcome all who support our mission and share our principles. Please join us by becoming a member!

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