The FSYC program develops the next generation of skilled workers, educated and active citizens, and future community leaders.

The mission of the Forest Stewards Youth Corps is to provide training, education, and employment in natural resource management fields for 16-25 year olds from forest dependent communities in New Mexico. FSYC supports high school aged youth with our summer program and 18-25 year olds with the fall Fire & Fuels program.


We put the forest first for the long haul, so we help build the next generation of responsible forest stewards. Its a youth - environment partnership that helps everyone win. Our goal is to provide:

  1. service,
  2. training,
  3. education and
  4. employment opportunities

for young Americans, while they preserve, protect, and promote America’s greatest gift - our public lands.

The Forest Stewards Youth Corps changes lives by providing critical opportunities and life skills to youth in rural communities who are just entering the work force. We also change lives through the program's work toward sustainable, resilient, healthy forests, and safer communities.


Benefits of participation

The Forest Stewards Guild is a member of the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC), a national youth and veteran service program. Alumni of the FSYC qualify for 21CSC benefits.

If you have completed 640 hours of appropriate conservation corps projects on public lands (the equivalent of at least two full FSYC work seasons) and are between the ages of 16-30, you are eligible for the Public Lands Corps Hiring Authority (PLCHA) two year non-competitive hiring status for land management positions.

For more information, please refer to the 21CSC Guidelines and PLC Hours Verification Form.

Impacts / Results

The Forest Stewards Youth Corps has employed more than 700 youth



hours of college credit


hours of conservation service and education

Forest Stewards Youth Corps accomplishments

Since it's inception, the FSYC program has:

  1. employed over 700 youth,
  2. achieved 300,000 hours of conservation service and education (similar to 8 full time employees per year),
  3. awarded over 200 hours of college credit, and
  4. invested over $7 million in rural New Mexico communities.

Corps members have gone on to build successful careers in natural resource management and become strong leaders in their communities.

“My season with the Forest Stewards Youth Corps has prepared me with the skills and knowledge necessary for a career in wildland fire. Through training and work, I was challenged and enabled to develop personally and professionally. This experience will forever prove to be an invaluable opportunity that I am thankful for.”

Gabe Lyons

Assistant Crew Leader

“The Guild has helped me in numerous ways, first being able to receive first-hand experience helping my local forest. Unlocking my own possibilities of being a leader to my crew members, my peers, and my own confidence. My dedication during the summers has taught me that with each experience I have become more knowledgeable and competitive within my field of study. ”

Renai Nez

Crew Trainer

KSFR's "Healthy Women" recently featured Forest Stewards Guild
YCC crew leader Selina Chacon and NM YCC Exec Director Sarah Wood on the radio!

KSFR's "Healthy Women"

Summer 2020

Program contacts

For more information, please contact Sam or Eytan at:

541-816-6371 or sam@forestguild.org
505-983-8992 ext.16 or eytan@forestguild.org

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