Forest Stewards Youth Corps - summer


FSYC Summer basics

The Mission of the FSYC is to provide employment, training, and educational opportunities for high school aged youth in rural New Mexican communities. FSYC participants learn about forest management, fire ecology, watershed health, and wildlife ecology all while earning a paycheck. Many crew members go on to pursue careers and higher education in natural resource management.

This is great news for many employers too, who say it is difficult to find experienced local help, particularly in natural resource management. FSYC crews work to:

  • Protect and restore public lands and waters, and natural, cultural, and historical resources,
  • Increase public access while promoting local economies and outdoor recreation,
  • Perform noxious weed removal on USFS land,
  • Build or repair fencing to protect natural and historical resources,
  • Build and maintain public recreation trails,
  • Create resilient landscapes and fire adapted communities,
  • Improve facilities, wells, and cattle guards,
  • Restore riparian areas in key watersheds,
  • Install wildlife-friendly fencing and restore endangered species habitat.

Hiring for the summer 2024 FSYC program season is almost wrapped up. There are a few crew member positions still open! Links to application materials are below.

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FSYC program accomplishments on-the-ground. Updates coming soon!

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