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The fall Forest Stewards Youth Corps (FSYC) program builds on the success of the summer FSYC program by creating employment, education, and training opportunities for recent high school and college graduates (18-25). Like the summer FSYC program, fall fire and fuels FSYC crews are hosted and mentored by U.S. Forest Service ranger districts.

As wildfire activity in the Southwest winds down with the arrival of the monsoon season, other parts of the country are just getting going. As a result, many firefighting resources in the Southwest are deployed to other parts of the country, limiting local capacity to implement prescribed burns during prime burn windows. Prescribed fire is a necessary tool used by land managers to reduce wildfire risk and restore resilience to forests. The fall FSYC fire and fuels program helps fill this gap in capacity.

The fall FSYC program prepares participants for careers in natural resource management by providing them with training and certifications in:

  • National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) Basic Wildland Fire Fighting (S-130/190)
  • Wildland fire chainsaw use (S-212)
  • CPR and first-aid
  • Defensive driving
  • Forestry
  • Leadership development
  • Job skills such as resume and cover letter writing, and
  • New Mexico Forest Worker Safety.

Fall Fire & Fuels Program stats 

Not yet including 2019 numbers...

  • 766 acres of prescribed fire
  • 15 miles of fire line constructed
  • 2 miles of fence repair
  • 6 miles of trail maintenance
  • 30 college credits awarded
  • Over 150 hours of training delivered

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FSYC Fall Fire and Fuels Crew positions details

The Forest Stewards Guild has crew members for two Fire & Fuels crews based out of the Jemez Pueblo Natural Resources Department and the Mountainair and Espanola U.S. Forest Service Ranger Districts.

The program runs for 14 weeks from August 16th until November 19th.

Crews complete natural resource management projects and participate in prescribed fire operations when conditions and weather permit. Crew Members earn $15.00 per hour and Crew Leaders earn $16.50 per hour.

Please contact Matt Piccarello (matt@forestguild.org) with any questions. 

FSYC 2021 Crew Leader position announcement


FSYC Fall Fire & Fuels Program 2021 Crew member position announcement


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