Fire Research and Collaborations


Building and sharing knowledge

Wildfires are increasing in size and severity, threatening homes, communities, public health, water supplies, as well as local and regional economies. A lack of communication and collaboration among scientists, land managers, and the public prevents the application of science-based, effective, and efficient solutions to tackle this challenge.

The Joint Fire Science Knowledge Exchanges get emerging science on the ground by connecting scientists, land managers, and the public. By facilitating these connections, the Knowledge Exchanges help to assure that scientists are addressing the most pressing questions and managers are applying the most recent science in their efforts to protect communities and critical natural resources. The Guild is deeply involved in the Southwest Fire Science Consortium, the Southern Rockies Exchange, the North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange, and the Blue Ridge Fire Learning Network.

The Guild also has a long history of producing research and science syntheses to aid the ecological use of fire. Some examples include:

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