You make good things happen

The Forest Stewards Guild hosts many events each year across the country and we partner with others to coordinate even more.

The goal of most of these events is to educate, reach out, or collaborate and learn with others interested in responsible forest management. It is important that the costs associated with event registrations and event coordination remain low, so as many people as possible can participate.

Event sponsors help make events accessible and successful. In some cases, we couldn't host an event without you! 

Event sponsors donate $250 or more toward a particular event effort. These funds typically help pay for snacks and food, transportation to field sites, indoor workshop or presentation venues, rentals of dinner venues or social gathering spaces, materials printing, supplies, student registration scholarships, and more. With these costs covered, we can focus on planning our most successful events at low cost.

Thank you for helping us support others in putting the forest first!


We will include your name/logo on:

  • the specific event page online,
  • all event promotional flyers, emails, and other communications, and
  • the event agenda


Check out our list of events often to choose what you would most like to support. And, thank you!

To become an event sponsor

Please contact the person listed on the event you are interested in supporting or email

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about our recent projects and upcoming events.