Shortleaf Pine Restoration

Berea College Learn-and-Burn 2019
Berea College Learn-and-Burn 2019

Cumberland Plateau shortleaf pine restoration

In the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee and Kentucky, we have brought together key stakeholders to increase capacity for the restoration of fire-dependent shortleaf pine ecosystems. We:

  • educate and reach out to landowners and natural resource professionals,
  • host learn-and-burn events to engage private landowners in shortleaf restoration,
  • develop NRCS-compliant shortleaf management plans to encourage restoration among strategic landowners, and
  • support demonstration forests.

Shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata) currently occupies less than 10 percent of its historic range, with a 70 to 80 percent reduction in Tennessee and Kentucky alone. Across its range, more than 60 percent of remaining shortleaf pine forests are found on private forestland, making private landowners a key partner in restoring the species and its associated ecosystem.

Shortleaf pine is truly a flagship for multiple-use ecological forestry in the Mountains and Piedmont of the South, who’s ecosystem management supports important wildlife habitat, natural and biological diversity, increased resiliency, and high-quality timber products.

In partnership with the University of the South, Berea College, and the Tennessee Wildlife Federation, our goal is to enhance and restore habitat for shortleaf pine and oak woodlands by demonstrating the multiple benefits and techniques for responsible management.




Shortleaf Pine Restoration Tool Kit

Resources for landowners and practitioners

What is the importance of shortleaf pine habitat? 

What are key steps land managers and private landowners can take to ensure the long-term health of shortleaf pine habitat? 

How can professionals effectively communicate the importance of fire adapted ecosystems to landowners and guide them in their actions? 

This resources portal, or "toolkit" aims to help both landowners and practitioners achieve shortleaf restoration goals on property they own, manage, or care for.  


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