Gravitas Peak Wildland Fire Module


Changing lives and restoring landscapes

The Forest Stewards Guild is building a dedicated wildland fire resource called the Gravitas Peak Wildland Fire Module. The Module will be a 14-person, Type 1 capable resource focused primarily on prescribed fire and fuels management. The Module will be highly adaptable, comprised of a Type 5 Wildland Engine, a fully self-sufficient 10-person hand crew, and appropriate overhead, fire monitoring, and technology assets. The Module partners with stakeholders to conceptualize forest management and prescribed fire projects and provide the administrative and technical services to make these projects a reality. 

The Module has an equally important parallel mission: to serve as a training program for transitional aged young adults (18–25 years old) from underrepresented and under-served populations. We are building a fully supported, 18-month training program that prepares young firefighters for competitive employment with the Nation’s land management agencies and a path to success and independence. 

Focused on low intensity prescribed fire, the Module works with multiple partners to reintroduce “good fire” to protect vital watersheds, recreation areas, and wildlife habitat. The Module leverages the challenging environment of wildland fire to build strong leadership skills, grit, and self-respect.

Our impact is trifold:

  1. We foster the next generation of forest stewards by fostering a love for the outdoors through exposure to outdoor activities like camping and hiking,
  2. We create meaningful job training in the restoration economy that provide livable wage jobs in rural forested communities, and
  3. We address a need for increased capacity in the forest and fire services to meet conservation goals on public lands. 


  • Our Module brought good fire back to 3,200 acres in April 2019!
  • Operations in May include a collaborative burn in the Luera Mountains of New Mexico. 

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