Welcome Logan Johnson to the Guild team!

Written by Logan Johnson and Amanda Mahaffey

We welcome Logan Johnson, Northeast Region Coordinator, to the Guild staff this month. You can read more about him on our staff page, and learn a bit about his perspective regarding the work he will engage in with the Guild below.

What interests you most about working for the Guild?

I am excited to join The Forest Stewards Guild because of its broad reach across geography, and programs promoting responsible forestry on the ground and as a profession for the next generation of forest stewards. 

What can you contribute to the Guild, in the NE and/or overall, based on your background, experience, and interests?

I believe my background will benefit the Guild because of my diverse education and professional experiences. My education includes a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in anthropology and a Master of Forestry. From these academic experiences, I have developed a strong understanding of topics regarding science (biology), society (anthropology), and practice (forestry). 

My professional work has focused on outreach to landowners, natural resource professionals, teachers and students, and the general public about the benefits of sustainable forest stewardship in Maine. My experience ranges from land stewardship to digital media and everywhere in between. I believe my unique and diverse skill set will help further the Guild’s mission in the Northeast and beyond.

What you look forward to gaining from this opportunity with the Guild, either on a personal or professional level?

I am most excited about connecting with the Forest Stewards Guild’s network of professional forest stewards in my new position. I look forward to working with the staff and members throughout the United States who put the forest first.

From Amanda Mahaffey: I am thrilled that the Guild has added Logan Johnson to our staff in the Northeast. Since I began working for the Guild in 2012, our programs and member activities have grown beyond scope of one person’s role. Logan will expand the Guild’s capacity in the Northeast and help us better fulfill our mission and serve our members in this region. I look forward to helping him grow in the Northeast Region Coordinator role as so many Guild members and staff have mentored me over the years.

Logan brings the skills and talents needed in this position, but more importantly, he brings a fresh perspective that enhances the Guild team. Logan has a strong sense of place and is passionate about supporting family forest owners and forest-based communities like where he grew up in eastern Maine. He is already part of Maine’s forestry community and is known to be dependable, modest, and a good communicator. Logan has a good head for creative approaches to bringing people together to learn from each other. I look forward to introducing Logan to Guild members, hopefully safely and soon, with his Forest Stewards Guild hat on!