Welcome Jen Chandler, new Guild Southeast Region Manager

Written by Jennifer Chandler

The thing that drew me to the Forest Stewards Guild was its vision of “ecologically, economically, and socially responsible forestry as the standard…” These words resonate with me and have formed a basis for the work I’ve done in the past, particularly with American ginseng.

I feel fortunate to work for an organization that brings together people with vastly different backgrounds from all over the country to work toward a meaningful common goal. My background in ecological research spans from forest ecology work in Appalachia to climate change work in northern Alaska, and these research skills will translate to the active, applied work that I’ll be involved in as the Southeast Region Manager at the Guild.

Additionally, the Guild has a reputation as a leader in outreach and communication, and I hope that my experience teaching at the college level will help further outreach efforts in the southeast. I’m excited to be involved with the amazing network of collaborators in the southeast and beyond to continue working on the exciting projects already underway, and to develop new, meaningful projects in the future. In my short time at the Guild, I’ve already learned so much from the members I’ve spoken to, and I’m looking forward to gaining even more insight from those members who have boots on the ground in forests throughout the southeast.

When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family (humans, pets, and plants) and taking every opportunity to get outside in the mountains of NC and on the beaches of SC with my 2-year old pup, Nali! One of my favorite activities is “botanizing” and trying to learn new plants wherever I live. I’m also never one to turn down a good camping trip, fantastic live music, and preferably the combination of the two by way of music festivals.