Welcome Fallon Grafe to the Guild team!

Written by Fallon Grafe and Zander Evans

Fallon Grafe is our new Business Manager. She is new to the Guild but her interest in forest management goes far back. She brings a unique perspective to FSG with her background in the local (New Mexico) timber industry. She is originally from Santa Fe, NM and grew up in and worked for many years at a family-owned custom timber company that specializes in custom products using New Mexico timber.

Here’s more, from Fallon:

I did everything I could from operations and sales to running heavy equipment and helping clients design their projects. As my career progressed, I found that my interest in forest management had grown. Finding my place at the Guild has inspired me to learn more and expand my knowledge beyond New Mexico.

I earned an undergraduate degree from The University of Texas at Austin and MBA from the University of New Mexico. When not working, I am most happy spending time with my husband, two daughters and a large extended family. I also love sewing projects, learning new mountain biking skills, running, and remodeling my house. I’ll be working out of the Southwest office in Santa Fe and hope to put my expertise in small business management and perspective on forest management to good use there. My goal is for my work to go unnoticed. I feel that success is partly measured in how smoothly I can make the administrative side of the organization run so that everyone else can spend more time doing their projects and following the vision of the organization. Also, I’m looking forward to getting out into the field occasionally to get my hands on those projects too.

As the Executive Director, I can say I’m thrilled to have Fallon on board. The Guild has grown and our work has gotten more complex. We have numerous projects, events, and networks running across the country and having Fallon to ensure we’re working from a solid operational foundation will help us expand our positive impact – Zander