The Guild launches Lifetime Membership

Written by Colleen Robinson

Our 30-year anniversary is next year. From the beginning, we’ve known that our vision of ecological, economical, and socially responsible forestry as the standard for forest management from coast to coast requires collective effort from a strong, supportive community. Today, the Guild community is stronger than ever, and each member is continuously improving our collective knowledge, efforts, collaborations, and impact. For most of us, Guild membership is an expression of our:

  • core values,
  • willingness to think and act outside of the box to support healthy forests and all who depend on them,
  • gratitude for being in a community that is dedicated to the Guild’s principles, and
  • commitment to the people, ecosystems, and innovations that are essential to our mission.

With this at heart, we are pleased to announce Lifetime Membership with the Guild. Being a lifetime member is a convenience, because you don’t have to renew your membership annually. Yet, it’s so much more than that.

Check out what a few of our members said when presented with the idea of Lifetime Guild Membership.

An upgrade to Lifetime Membership can happen at any time. We believe all our members, not just lifetime members, are essential to our work, learning, and the ability for us to make the difference the Guild is here to make. Feel free to learn more, ask any questions you have, and become a lifetime member of the Guild today, or when it feels right for you. We welcome and are honored by you!

This frequently asked questions page offers more information about Lifetime Membership with the Forest Stewards Guild. In brief:

  • Previously approved professional and retired professional members are eligible to renew as a lifetime member
  • A new member may join as a lifetime member, under the same application process as professional members
    affiliate and student members can upgrade and apply
  • One Lifetime Membership dues payment ($1,000) keeps your membership dues paid through your lifetime
  • We’ll send you a lifetime member plaque (please allow several weeks for delivery)
  • Lifetime Membership is distinct from non-dues gifts and donations and does not apply to Stewards Circle level donations or Organizational Sponsorships.

We invite everyone who aligns with the Guild’s six core principles tojoin or renew now. We will continue to highlight your work, recognize your contributions to the Guild’s organizational impact and partnerships, and move forward for the health of forests and all who depend on them.