One Canopy Joins the Guild to Sprout Hope on International Day of Forests

A photo of OneCanopy Founder, Kevin-Brinkman adn three staff people in the tree nursery greenhouse.

From Left – Cam Reader, Josh Stolz, Katelynn Martinez, and OneCanopy Founder Kevin Brinkman

Written by Stephanie Ashley, OneCanopy VP of Marketing & Culture

The International Day of Forests in March was a timely reminder of the critical role trees play in our environment. Here in Colorado, we face a significant challenge: millions of acres need reforestation due to climate change and human impact. 

OneCanopy, founded in 2023 by Fort Collins native Kevin Brinkman, hopes to be a seed of change. The innovative social enterprise is Colorado’s first reforestation company, tackling the challenge from the ground up – literally. The company’s focus is on growing native trees and shrubs specifically suited to the Rocky Mountain region. 

Volunteer and staff from OneCanopy posing by a truck filled with racks of seedlings.

Volunteer and staff fulfill an order for 1k trees to reforest Spring Creek Fire burn scar.

“This International Day of Forests, we celebrate all the people and companies taking a proactive approach to reforestation in Colorado,” said director of operations and business development Katelynn Martinez. “We sponsor and partner with the Forest Stewards Guild because we align with their vision of an ecologically, economically, and socially responsible forest industry. As a triple bottom line company, those values are paramount to us.” 

Currently, nurseries specializing in these native species are scarce, and even the largest tree producers in the region struggle to meet demand. There are fewer than 10 nurseries focused on native tree species production in the Rocky Mountain region, all of which are currently operating at full capacity and still only fulfilling 20% of the trees needed to backfill the large-scale deforestation. OneCanopy is filling this critical gap, supplying vital plant material for government agencies, nonprofits, conservation districts, carbon credit companies, private landowners, and other conservation groups. These trees will contribute to wildlife habitat restoration, improve river health after wildfires, prevent soil erosion, and even support food production through sustainable practices. 

Photo of an Engelmann Spruce Seedling Tree

Engelmann Spruce Seedling Tree.

In a space often dominated by government, OneCanopy has identified a unique opportunity for private industry within forest management. Private industry can often be far nimbler than government counterparts, allowing them to work toward shared stewardship goals in creative and innovative ways. As the need for forest management continues to grow, public-private partnerships that incorporate novel approaches are pivotal to success and broad scale impact. OneCanopy is in lock step with the Forest Stewards Guild and their members on that endeavor, all helping each other toward a greater good. 

With ambitious goals, OneCanopy is aiming to become the largest seedling producer for conservation in the Rocky Mountain region within the next five years. They plan to grow at least one million trees annually, facilitating the reforestation of 10,000 total acres across the Rocky Mountains, and that’s just the beginning. 

“The long-term vision for OneCanopy is to become a one-stop shop for reforestation,” explains founder and CEO Kevin Brinkman. “Eventually, we want to engage at every phase of the reforestation pipeline. For now, we’re starting with the seedling nursery.” 

The company plans to become a comprehensive reforestation service, encompassing everything from project financing and seed collection to planting and long-term monitoring. This holistic approach ensures the success of reforestation efforts for years to come. 

On International Day of Forests, OneCanopy celebrated a significant upcoming milestone: surpassing one million seedlings grown in 2024. Nearly 185,000 trees have already been planted, while the remaining seedlings are diligently maturing and will be ready for reforestation planting in 2024 and 2025. 

Photo from above of tiny pots of deciduous seedlings

Deciduous seedlings

About OneCanopy 

OneCanopy is a privately funded conservation nursery in northern Colorado growing native trees and shrubs for reforestation throughout the Rocky Mountains. We aim to be a premier partner and work directly with stakeholders throughout the entire conservation and reforestation pipeline, from seed collectors to nonprofits, from governments to schools. As a social enterprise, we reinvest our profit back into the nursery to grow between 500,000 and one million trees annually for reforestation. 

For more information, watch the video, visit or follow @plantonecanopy on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Thank you to OneCanopy for your Organizational Sponsorship of the Forest Stewards Guild. You are in great company with all of our sponsors, and we gratefully move forward with all of you for forests and those who depend on them.