Membership and Policy Council Update, February 2022

Written by Laura Schweitzer, MPC Chair

We have a really impressive group of professionals engaging in the Membership and Policy Council (MPC) this year. The discussions on critical forestry issues to be addressed are vibrant, and MPC members are as committed as ever to engaging Forest Stewards Guild (Guild) members in professional fellowship.

The MPC has met twice in the virtual world since the start of 2022. A workplan has emerged and the year looks to be a full one. Issues the MPC plans to take on include forestry and energy, the 30×30 initiative, Tribal engagement, model forests, carbon and climate change, and Guild member engagement and outreach. The MPC will work on these issues using a variety of means, including establishment of MPC subgroups and outreach to experts for learning and dialogue.

Last year, the MPC discussed at length questions related to its own identity – who is in the MPC now, who should be in it in future, how can we encourage a diversity of perspectives and profiles to run for positions on the MPC? These questions persist into 2022 as part of a healthy reflection that also relates more broadly  to member engagement and opportunities for involvement in the Guild and its leadership bodies. We hope all Guild members will consider this dialogue and know they are welcome to be part of it. Have ideas for ways we members can come together in professional dialogue more or differently? The metaphorical door of the MPC is open, and we welcome your insights. Reach out to Colleen Robinson on the Guild staff with ideas and the MPC will be sure to consider or take them up. Thanks in advance for your participation and enthusiasm.

The Guild brings together professionals from our sector that seem to share a commitment to the pursuit of balance among ecological, social, and economic values. Within the MPC is an energy for really digging into issues that matter and finding creative ways to engage our fellow Guild members in community. I’m grateful to be part of this group and to be able to share with Guild members about the awesome slate of work we’re getting up to!