A time for celebration and growth!

The year 2020 marks 25 years of Guild activity, influence, and results for ecological forestry. During this quarter century, the Forest Stewards Guild has created a space for foresters and other stewards to build community, as they find new ways to manage and learn from the forest. The community has grown, and shows signs of long-term success, with college student chapters forming, and recent doubling of our youth programs. The Guild has forged partnerships with federal agencies, tribes, states, county fire departments, cities, towns, private companies, and dozens of other non-profits.  Collectively we’ve also empowered landowners, trained new natural resource managers, and reached across interdisciplinary teams to find innovative resources for putting the forest first for the good of all.

Our vision of ecological, economical, and socially responsible forest stewardship as the standard from coast to coast is being realized bit by bit every single day. Our progress is driven by the hard work and dedication of an expanding Guild staff, programs, and partners. It is realized through Guild members who understand the importance of patience, humility, practice, observation, sharing, and listening when change is desired. We are so grateful to our members, staff, and partners for truly making our shared vision a reality more and more each year. In 2020, we will celebrate our accomplishments and our community! Stay tuned for news about new opportunities to gather, to revitalize and reinforce our dedication, to learn about new possibilities, to share stories and ideas and information, and continue our collective commitment to putting the forest first.

We start now, with the launch of two supportive tools:

  1. Our new Find-A-Forester Directory is live! Check it out and share it to spread the word and connect landowners, professionals, students, and others to Guild Professional Members who are making a difference every single day for our forests. The directory includes all Professional Members who wish to be listed…not just foresters but all who steward the land…so look for the services listed in their profiles and connect with someone who can help today! If you are a current Professional or Retired Professional member and you want to be listed but are not on the list, please login to the For Members area of our website and update your Directory information or contact membership@forestguild.org for help.
  2. Our new Guild student member page and Student Chapter Manual! This page will grow in time, with more resources and ways for students and their advisers to connect and share information. For now, check out our starting place for supporting students in their efforts towards responsible stewardship!

Watch for a brand new, 25th anniversary webpage on our new website in September. Your autumn Forest Steward magazine will also start to celebrate the stories and impact of the Guild and our members across the country.

Thank you for being part of this community and for all you do for forests!