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Liability insurance has become one of the major barriers to prescribed fire. If private companies, contractors, land trusts, and non-profits cannot obtain sufficient insurance, they are unable to implement prescribed burning. These non-federal partners are essential for increasing the pace and scale of forest restoration.

With support from the Fire Learning Network, the Guild has worked to expand access to prescribed fire insurance and increase the number of organizations that are able to burn safely.  

We recently surveyed organizations across the country to better understand insurance needs and potential solutions. Individual responses from the survey will not be shared (unless the participant wants to share their information), but we aggregated the data to share a picture of the prescribed fire insurance situation through the Fire Learning Network. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

If I completed the survey, am I obligated to continue engaging with this project? 

  • Absolutely not! We hope to gather as much information as possible about the needs of people or organizations like yours to inform the process of working with the insurance companies. We can only hope that the potential solutions down the road will be helpful to you individually, but if not, your time on this survey is valuable to everyone in the prescribed fire community. 

Who should've taken the survey? 

  • Anyone who practices prescribed fire and is not currently comfortable with their level of liability coverage. Anyone who would like to practice prescribed fire but insurance, or other challenges, are preventing them. We looked for a broad spectrum of backgrounds and needs to help inform future solutions. Please email Sam Berry if you have any questions about this at 

Will this insurance product even be affordable to me? Why should I get my hopes up? 

  • So far, this project has connected four different organizations with insurance and allowed thousands of acres to be burned – so there is hope! 

Where will my personal information and responses end up? 

  • The security of your email address and other personal information is very important to us. Your responses will be analyzed by the Forest Stewards Guild. Individual responses will not be shared publicly, however the aggregate findings of this survey have been.

I am very interested in prescribed fire insurance, what’s next after this survey? 

  • We will be keeping in contact with anyone who indicates they would like more information about the project to share findings from the survey and potential solutions generated by our partnership with the Fire Learning Network. 

Program contacts

Please direct all questions and concerns about this insurance survey to:

Sam Berry at

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