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State Forester

Pacific Northwest
Posted 2 months ago

Employer: Oregon Department of Forestry

Locations: Salem, Oregon

Application deadline: September 15, 2021

Full position description and application instructions

Summary of responsibilities:

  • Adopt rules related to enforcement of the state forest laws relating directly to the protection of forestland and the conservation of forest resources.
  • Appoint and instruct fire wardens.
  • Direct the improvement and protection of State forest lands.
  • Collect data relative to forest conditions.
  • Take legally-authorized actions to prevent and extinguish forest, brush and grass fires.
  • Enforce and prosecute violations of all laws pertaining to forestland.
  • Cooperate with landowners, political subdivisions, private associations and agencies and others in forest protection.
    Advise and encourage reforestation.
  • Publish such information on forestry as the forester determines to be in the public interest.
  • Enter into contracts and cooperative agreements pertaining to experiments and research in forestry.
  • And more

The State Forester is also authorized within his or her discretion to carry out the following actions:

  • Protect the lands from fire, disease and insect pests, cooperate with the counties and with persons owning lands within the state in the protection of the lands and enter into all agreements necessary or convenient for the protection of the lands.
  • Enter into and administer contracts for the sale of timber from lands owned or managed by the State Board of Forestry and the State Forestry Department.
  • Enter into and administer contracts for activities necessary or convenient for the sale of timber under subsection (2) of this section, either separately from or in conjunction with contracts for the sale of timber, including but not limited to activities such as: timber harvesting and sorting, transporting, gravel pit development or operation, and road construction, maintenance or improvement.
  • Permit the use of the lands for other purposes, including but not limited to fish and wildlife environment, landscape effect, protection against flood and erosion, recreation and production and protection of water supplies when the use is not detrimental to the purpose for which the lands are dedicated.
  • And more.

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