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Research Plant Pathologist position (GS11-13)

Posted 7 months ago

Employer: U.S. Forest Service

Location: Athens, GA

Application deadline: April 18, 2024 (we hope to make a selection much sooner than April 18.  We will pull applications every 30 days until we have a selection).

Full position description and application instructions

Duties include:

  • Conceive, develop, and plan, conduct, report, and disseminate individual research aligned with the unit’s mission to forward the understanding and management of native and invasive plant pathogens in the United States.
  • Utilize multiple disciplines to identify and conduct research on invasive and/or emerging pathogens of management importance, and to contextualize research-results from complex issues.
  • Cross problem areas (non-native insects, invasive plants), when known interactions of multiple invasive species occur, or if relevant questions arise concerning biological control to preserve native or manage non-native plant species.
  • Integrate major disciplines into individual research approaches and methodologies.
  • Facilitate internal collaborative relationships looking for opportunities to add needed expertise to studies and to add value to other studies.
  • And more…

For more info contact: James Vogt at


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