Regional Wood Utilization Specialist

Lake States
Posted 1 month ago

Employer: USDA Forest Service

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Response deadline: August 30, 2019

Full outreach notice and response instructions

The Eastern Region (Region 9) State and Private Forestry, Forest Health Protection Program, will be advertising this permanent full-time GS-0101/0401/1301-13 position.

Work within the Forest Health Protection (FHP) staff area and, in coordination with the Regional Biomass Coordinator and others, provide overall leadership and coordination of the Eastern Region’s wood utilization program, including primary and secondary wood processing, efficient utilization of urban tree removals, and partnerships to solve forest products related issues and support the forest products industry.

For additional information about the position please visit the link above, or contact Susan Ellsworth, Assistant Director for Forest Health and Economics, at 414-297-3021 or

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