Regional Forest Health Monitoring (FHM) Coordinator

Lake States
Posted 1 month ago

Employer: USDA Forest Service

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Response deadline: August 17, 2019

Outreach notice and instructions for responding

The Eastern Region (Region 9) State and Private Forestry, Forest Health Protection Program, will be advertising this permanent full-time GS-0401-12/13 position. The grade level(s) for the vacancy announcement will be based on the response to outreach; the target grade for the position is GS-13.

Forest Health Monitoring (FHM) is a national program designed to determine the status, changes, and trends in indicators of forest health conditions on an annual and long term basis. The program is implemented regionally and this position serves as the Regional Forest Health Monitoring Coordinator for the 20 states in the Eastern Region.

The FHM program uses data from aerial surveys, ground plots, and other data sources to detect and monitor forest health indicators. It covers all forested lands through partnerships involving State Foresters, other state and federal agencies, tribal lands, and academic groups.  The position will work closely with the Forest Service Research and Forest Inventory & Analysis (FIA) program to collect and analyze data to determine changes in forest vegetation patterns, composition, and processes that have been altered by biotic and abiotic factors beyond natural causes or forest management practices and where these changes are located.

For additional information about the position please visit the link above, or contact Susan Ellsworth, Assistant Director for Forest Health and Economics, at 414-297-3021 or

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