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Plant Pathologist (2 positions open)

Pacific Northwest
Posted 1 week ago

Employer: US Forest Service Intermountain and Northern Regions Forest Health Protection group

Locations: one position in Boise, Idaho and another in Missoula, Montana

Application deadline: April 12, 2021

Full position description and application instructions

Summary of responsibilities:

  • Coordinates and implements all aspects of a complex major forest pathogen detection, evaluation, prevention, and control program for such diseases as dwarf mistletoe, white pine blister rusts, and other western forest diseases.
  • Exercises scientific judgment to conceive and conduct evaluations, collaborating with research, to gain additional knowledge concerning disease biology, ecological relationships, parasitic effects, survey methodology, or new control techniques.
  • Implements technology transfer plans in order to make information available to specialists and resource managers.
  • Prepares plans designed to meet technical objectives and collects field data.
  • Processes and analyzes data, consults with other professionals, evaluates the results, and makes recommendations.
  • Prepares technical reports and manuscripts.
  • Provides site-specific, technical assistance concerning forest diseases to land managers, and documents this assistance in written guidelines which are incorporated into various resource project plans.
  • Develops these management guidelines by identifying significant pathogens, determining the present amount of damage caused by the organisms, and exercising judgment in evaluating the actual or potential seriousness of the infestation.
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