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Plant Diagnostic Lab Supervisor

Posted 5 days ago

Employer: Missouri Department of Agriculture’s Plant Pest Control Program

Location: Jefferson City, Missouri

Application deadline: October 16, 2020

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  • The primary responsibility is management of the plant disease diagnostic laboratory including supervision of a plant diagnostician, as well as performance and oversight of disease diagnostics.  This is a regulatory diagnostic lab.
  • Manage the fruit tree and grapevine virus-free certification program, performance and supervision of related field work, and serve on regional or national committees as the opportunities arise.
  • Provide expert guidance to program staff and supervisor on plant regulatory actions including quarantines, export certification, post-entry quarantine, federal permit reviews, and pest management guidance.
  • Network and collaborate with plant diagnosticians, diagnostic laboratories, and researchers nationwide to stay informed on new and emerging plant disease threats.
  • And more!

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