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Natural Resource Specialist 5

Pacific Northwest
Posted 3 weeks ago

Employer: Alaska Division of Forestry & Fire Protection

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Application deadline: August 8th at 5:00 PM Alaska

Full position description and application instructions


The position will act as expert advisor for the Division on a wide variety of legislative, regulatory, and policy matters that pertain to natural resources, including both forestry and fire issues. The position researches complex issues such as forest management, fire science, and ecology, writes research and briefing papers, creates presentations, and develops other materials needed to respond to requests for information from the Commissioner’s Office, Legislators, and the Governor. The position is also the liaison for and staff to the Governor-appointed Board of Forestry, which oversees the implementation and effectiveness of the Forest Resources and Practices Act (FRPA). FRPA provides for sustainable timber harvest, ensures reforestation, and protects water quality and fish habitat. Because of the wide-ranging nature of the job, this position has the advantage of working with a variety of Division staff, from foresters to administrative staff, hazardous fuels specialists to accountants, and firefighters to public information officers. The position will assist staff and coordinate projects located throughout Alaska, from the temperate rainforests of Ketchikan (Southeast Alaska) to the boreal forests of Fairbanks (Interior Alaska).

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