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National Wildfire Prevention Program Manager

Posted 3 weeks ago

Employer: USDA Forest Service, Washington Office

Location: to be determined after candidate selection

Application deadline: Wednesday, January 17, 2023

Full position description and application instructions


  • Serve as a liaison with partners and stakeholders helping to formulate national program policies and guidance, developing materials that communicate the intent and importance of the program.
  • Provide leadership, subject matter expertise and/or guidance in the management of the National Wildfire Prevention Program.
  • Develop and implement program policies, guidelines, standards and plans regarding the reduction of human caused wildfires and emerging wildfire prevention issues while maintaining program priorities.
  • Coordinate wildfire prevention programs and plans with other resource management functions as well as other Federal, State, and local officials and non-government organizations
  • Prepare and/or assess or provide recommendations on the development and execution of caused-focused wildfire prevention programs to ensure their accomplishment and compliance within applicable guidelines.
  • Assist with the planning, development, and management of strategic plans and accomplishment tracking tools.

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