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Marketing and Utilization Program Manager

Posted 2 months ago

Employer: New Mexico Highlands University

Location: Las Vegas, NM Campus

Application deadine: none listed

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The incumbent is one of the staff of the NM Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute, which promotes practices that reduce the risk of catastrophic fire and improve ecosystem function. The incumbent will work to develop a market for the small diameter trees that are removed from Southwestern forests and woodlands as part of the restoration process. In addition, they work to understand the economics of the forest industry in New Mexico. The incumbent will help catalyze the transition of the Southwest’s renewable natural resource economy. In addition, they teache one course per semester in the SAF-accredited Forestry program in the Department of Natural Resources Management. This is not an advertising position.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serve as the Forest Watershed Restoration Institute’s (FWRI) specialist in forest economics, and marketing and utilization by industry of forest products, especially new and non-traditional uses of small-diameter material.
  • Work with forest industry and federal, state, tribal, and local land management agencies to develop markets for woody material that is removed from landscape-scale, restoration-based fuel-reduction treatments in woodlands and forests.
  • Develop public awareness of the necessity and role of a forest industry in forest ecosystem restoration.
  • Coordinate with the utilization specialists at FWRI’s sister Institute in Arizona.
  • Represent FWRI in local, regional, or statewide industry groups.
  • And much more!

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