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Land Management Technician

Posted 2 weeks ago

Employer: St. Johns River Water Management, Bureau of Land Resources

Location: Palm Bay, Florida

Application deadline: April 7, 2021

Full position description and application instructions


  • Operates and maintains fire management equipment under a wide variety of conditions to provide support within the Bureau of Land Resources; installs and maintains pre-suppression fire lines; ensures that fire lines are in compliance with the applicable Silvicultural BMP’s; provides dozer/plow equipment stand-by during prescribed fire operations; assists with wildfire suppression operations.
  • Assists with forest and land management projects including marking timber, cruising timber, site preparation, and reforestation; conducts wildlife and plant surveys, recreational infrastructure maintenance, road maintenance, boundary maintenance and posting projects; assists with the coordination of contractors to ensure contract specifications are followed.
  • Operates and maintains equipment utilized in support of fuels management and restoration projects such as farm tractors with mower, roller choppers, harrows, tillers, mulchers, Marsh Masters, airboats, etc.
  • and more!

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