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Forest Wildlife Specialist, TN

Posted 3 weeks ago

Employer: Ruffed Grouse Society & American Woodcock Society

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Application deadline: August 19, 2022, 11:59 pm ET

Full position description and application instructions


The Forest Wildlife Specialist’s main duties will include working with RGS & AWS staff, USDA Forest
Service staff, TWRA staff, and local partners such as the TN Division of Forestry, US Fish and Wildlife
Service, NRCS-TN, conservation nonprofits, consulting foresters, timber purchasers, and other
contractors to implement active forest management that benefits healthy forests and abundant wildlife.

  • Coordinate and provide oversight on commercial timber harvests and noncommercial
    silviculture and wildlife treatments to restore early successional habitat and benefit wildlife
    populations, including restoration and maintenance of old fields, shrublands, and other brushy
    wildlife habitats, particularly on moist soils or at high-elevations via mechanical disturbance,
    prescribed burning, or planting of appropriate vegetation; and restoration and maintenance of
    strategically located herbaceous wildlife habitats for brood rearing and foraging or as singing
    grounds or roosting areas for American woodcock.
  • Seek funding to expand partnership opportunities, and to garner new and additional support
    from partners, including but not limited to the timber industry, Federal and non-Federal entities,
    tribal entities, and RGS & AWS members and volunteers.
  • Lead the administration and implementation of RGS & AWS agreements with CNF, including the
    Double G Stewardship Project on the Tellico Ranger District and future activities within the Pond
    Mountain Stewardship area. This includes preparing bid announcements, selecting contractors,
    conducting forest road maintenance, and performing site inspections and evaluations for
    commercial timber sales and noncommercial treatments.
  • And more…

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