Fire Staff, Santa Fe, NM

Posted 2 weeks ago

Employer:  State of New Mexico Energy, Minerals & Natural Resources Dept

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Application deadline: December 6, 2019

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This position manages the Federal Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant Program which provides assistance to the State of New Mexico local fire departments and increasing their wildland fire suppression capabilities.  Monies awarded to local government aid with the purchase of wildland firefighter personal protective equipment (PPE), wildland firefighter hand tools and wildland firefighting equipment.  This position manages the Federal Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant Program training contracts which deliver training to fire departments for the development of local government wildland firefighters.  This position executes request for proposals (RFP) and request for application (RFA) for both the VFA Grant and Training.

This position assist the Resource Protection Bureau with the management of wildland fire by promoting efficient suppression,  firefighter safety and tracking of all Division wildland fire resources during periods of high activity.  Assist in coordination of statewide resource mobilization plan, updating and management of both internal and external Incident Qualification System (IQS), assist the Divisions 6 units with fire suppression activities, coordinates and manages the field units Resource Ordering and Status System (ROSS), coordinates, manages and delivers training to Division field units on the Divisions Fire Management System (FMS).

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