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Endangered Species Review Biologist

Posted 2 months ago

Employer: MA Department of Fish & Game, Division of Fisheries & Wildlife

Location: Westborough, MA

Application deadline: Apply by May 30, 2022 for first consideration, though open until August 16, 2022.

Full position description and application instructions


Provide guidance to project proponents and their consultants on the legal requirements of the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (MESA) and on requirements for obtaining a Conservation & Management Permit to authorize take of state-listed rare species, and negotiate permit terms to avoid, minimize and mitigate impacts. Follow-up on issued permits and ensure compliance with permit conditions.

Job Duties Include:

  • Review, conduct site visits and prepare written comments on various plans and programs.
  • Respond to data release requests from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and its programs, evaluate draft NRCS habitat management plans, conduct necessary site visits and attend NRCS committee meetings as relevant to rare species, and work proactively with NRCS to address rare species concerns as they relate to agricultural practices.
  • Extract relevant information from DFW’s Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program’s rare species records, computer databases, rare species occurrence maps, and consult with DFW biologists and other experts concerning potential rare species impacts.
  • Coordinate with other DFW sections and relevant local, state, or federal agencies where appropriate.
  • Conduct outreach and programming for stakeholders, project proponents, environmental consultants, and other interest groups.


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