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Ecological restoration/land management technician

Lake States
Posted 3 weeks ago

Employer: Technician would work as an independent contractor for a private property owner

Location: Mt Horeb, Wisconsin

Application deadline: Open until filled and still posted as of May 19, 2023. Immediate start date possible.

Full position description and application instructions


20 Years of restoration work has re-established a more open oak woodland (not a true oak savanna) with very good white oak regeneration in various areas across the property.  There are numerous prairie plantings that also need to be managed – the main work focus now is on the woodland. 

Main Work Tasks

  • Removal and herbicide treatment of invasive shrubs and plants (Honeysuckle, Multi-flora Rose, Garlic Mustard, Japanese Hedge Parsley)
  • Timber Stand Improvement, removal of less desirable tree species
  • Cutting, moving, and stacking downed trees and brush – large diameter wood saved for firewood, smaller limbs/trees burned in brush piles

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