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3 tree climbers needed

Posted 2 weeks ago

Employer: U.S.D.A. Animal Plant Health Inspection Service

Locations: Hollywood, South Carolina

Application deadline: July 27, 2021

Full position description and application instructions



  • The duties may include, but are not limited to:
  • Inspect trees through ground and aerial survey for pests or specific indications of pest injury or infestation.
  • Provide quality assurance surveillance of the tree survey activities performed by program staff and staff from other organizations such as contractors, federal agencies, and state agencies.
  • Climb trees of heights routinely exceeding 100 feet using a rope and harness to inspect for pests, executes limb walks of distances of 20 feet or more.
  • As circumstances warrant, uses spikes or spurs; operates and maintains hand saws, chainsaws and knives; and works in trees often near power lines, using climbing ropes and saddles.
  • Utilizing reference materials such as tree identification keys to identify every woody tree specific to the area and potential ALB host trees by genus and species.
  • And more.

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