Intermountain West Region


Expanding good forestry and good fire

The Intermountain West Region is a new area of expansion for Guild staff. The new Guild office in Loveland, Colorado will help respond to the need for good forestry and good fire up and down the Front Range of Colorado as well as Montana, Wyoming, and Utah. Throughout the region a growing population means more homes in the forest while forest conditions and warming temperatures increase the threat of wildfire in these same areas. The Guild’s vision for ecological forestry, including the return of fire as a natural process, is part of the solution.  

What does our work mean? 

The Guild staff in the Intermountain West is engaged in a variety of projects, including writing community wildfire protection plans, research, outreach, prescribed fire, ecological and socioeconomic monitoring, and youth training. We work with Guild members and partners to magnify our collective, positive impact.  

The Guild’s Gravitas Peak Wildland Fire Module is based in the Intermountain West office. It is an opportunity to put our vision into practice. The Module has a three-part mission:

  1. Foster the next generation of forest stewards,
  2. Create meaningful job training in the restoration economy, and
  3. Restore our forests. 

You can help! (and we can help you!) 

Get engaged! Does your community have a wildfire protection plan in place? The Guild is working with a number of communities to update plans to include lessons learned from our work in New Mexico as well as the latest science from our partners at Colorado’s Forest Restoration Institute, Colorado State University, and the US Forest Service. 

The Guild’s Fire Module needs your help. To meet our goal of training under-served youth for restoration careers we need your financial support. The Module is also ready to get to work, so if your forest needs thinning or is ready for prescribed fire, please get in touch! Contact information is below.

Intermountain west highlights

Current projects

  • CWPPs: Evergreen, Platte Canyon 
  • Rocky Mountain National Park Fuels Treatment Evaluation Study (link coming soon)

Region contacts

For more information please contact Corrina at:

734-239-1223 or

Stay Informed

about our recent projects and upcoming events.